Winter Bazaar

Here you can find all information in one Booklet about the Winter Bazaar!

The Winter Bazaar is the IWC’s largest charity fundraiser, and an important social and cultural event.  It represents about two-third of the Club’s annual charity revenue.

The continual success of the IWC Winter Bazaars depends on the generosity and support from your Embassy and your business community. This annual event does not only aim at meeting its charity objectives, but also at providing a program of solidarity and fun to the thousands of foreign and local participants.The proceeds from the Bazaar go integrally to various charity projects monitored and supervised by the IWC Charities

Embassies from all over the world sell their traditional products and food, and many of them lend their country’s musicians, dancers and other performers for the event’s cultural program. Local and foreign visitors enjoy the warm atmosphere, wander the fragrant halls of the Winter Bazaar and discover exotic holiday gifts and nostalgic goodies from home at the very diverse event. Under the direction of the IWC’s President, we strive to make the Winter Bazaar every year more successful than the previous years, thanks to the support of over 60 embassies, approximately 4,500 visitors, dozens of volunteers and numerous generous sponsors.

Most of the embassies start  the preparations as soon as early September to showcase the best products of their countries! Here are some Tips for soliciting goods  for the Winter Bazaar. If you have more tips or comments about the existing ones, do not hesitate to contact the Winter Bazaar Chair at

We look forward to continuing our great relationships with embassies, sponsors, press and all of our visitors. Participate in the IWC Winter Bazaar and discover the world!!

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Welcome to the IWC Moscow

Welcome to the IWC Moscow