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Other Moscow expat organisations

Moscow information and publications



Other Moscow expat organisations

The virtual community for English-speaking expats and Russians

American Women’s Organization (AWO)

British Women’s Club (BWC)

Latin American Ladies in Moscow

Children in Moscow

Dutch Women’s Group (De Tulpen)

Moskva Accueil (French Women’s Club)

German Women’s Group: e-mail 
susanne.vanalphen@hotmail.deThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
 for more information.

Swedish Women’s Educational Association (SWEA)

International Women’s Clubs which open their doors to each other:


Moscow information and publications

Moscow in Your Pocket

Moscow Expat Life

My Destination – Moscow

The Moscow Times

The Moscow News

Living in Moscow

Le Courrier de Russie

Current information about Moscow



Family Care

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Moscow Animals


Expat in Russia



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Austria: International Women’s Association of Graz

Belgium: Women’s International Club of Brussels

Bulgaria: International Women’s Club Sofia

Croatia: International Women’s Club Zagreb

Czech Republic: International Women’s Association of Prague

Estonia: International Women’s Club Tallinn

Finland: International Women’s Club Oulu

France: International Women’s Club of Paris

Germany: Berlin -Berlin International Women’s Club

Germany: Frankfurt -Women of the World

Germany: Munich – International Women’s Club of Munich

Great-Britain: London – Hampstead Women’s Club

Hungary: International Women’s Club Assoc. of Budapest

Italy: Rome – American Women’s Association of Rome

Latvia: Riga – International Women’s Club of Riga

Milan – Benvenuto Club of Milan

Moldova – Welcome to the International Women’s Club of Moldova!

Netherlands: International Women’s Contact The Hague

Romania: International Women’s Association of Bucharest

Portugal: International Women in Portugal

Russia: International Women’s Club Moscow

Spain: International Newcomers Club of Madrid

Spain: Barcelona Women’s Network

Switzerland: Zurich International Women’s Association

Turkey: International Women of Istanbul

Zagreb: International Womens Club Zagreb

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Welcome to the IWC Moscow

Welcome to the IWC Moscow