Used Book Sale 2014

 Used Book Sale for Charity !!!
The IWC Charities Group would like to thank all of you, who bought the raffle tickets at the October’s General meeting. We
have raised 13,200 RUB for our charity projects. We were also happy for participation of the charity organizations that IWC
Charity Group is supporting: Turmaline Rehabilitation Center, Speransky Hospital Children’ s Fund, To Children with Love and
Center for Curative Pedagogics.

We also would like to thank everyone who donates unnecessary items to our Donation office. Although we have many items
from anonymous donors, we are grateful for everything that we can pass to needy people who are asking for our support.
Specifically our thanks belong to the following donors: Alessandra Vesco, Stephen & Svetlana Matthaus, Linda Goetsche, Amy &
Vladimir Kouznetsov, Mark & Lois Gilbert, Susan Partridge, Mark Ohlendorf, Therese Plappart, Alex Badiola, Jane
McKinven, Marina Heisel and Morgan Lewis company, who donated items in the previous 3 months.

Your support encourages us to think about new activities and organize more charity events, that would also be interesting for you.
One such unique events that the IWC organized, was the first ever Book sale. It took place on October 24th in a warm, cosy
atmosphere. We thank L’Ecole Cécile Rogue for hosting the event and all volunteers and visitors for their support in
raising 27,020 RUB!

October General Meeting: ThBook sale

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Welcome to the IWC Moscow

Welcome to the IWC Moscow