Summer interest groups

A number of our interest groups continue over the summer months. Below is our 2014 list.


Art & Craft


Icon Painting


We are glad to greet you at our intensive course of Icon Painting in July and August 

You will :

Get the necessary skills to create icons 

Know how to write one icon during the course

You will learn a lot about icons 

You will see techniques of the old masters 

You will open in new skills and wonder own ability

Writting a favorite icon with own hands 


Nearest metro:             Metro Oktyabrskoe Pole 

Costs:                           Prices : 2000 rub. / class 

Materials : Wood board standard ( 30 x 40 cm ) – 2000 rub.

                       Gold leaf 23 KT – 100 rub. / sheet 


Time:                           Daily classes from 7th-20th July/12.00 – 18.00 

Daily classes from 4th-17th Augsut/12.00 – 18.00


Fashion and Dressmaking

Arina Ivanova has taught fashion and design for many years in colleges in Moscow and abroad. She will take you through the step-by-step process of designing an item of clothing through to its completion. The first class will focus on designing a simple garment i.e. skirt.

1st stage: fashion design and drawing using haute couture as inspiration, 2nd stage: fabrics, colours and style. Working from a mannequin, 3rd stage: visits to fabric shop, 4th stage: making the garment.

NEAREST METRO:      Pushkinskaya

COSTS:                      Need to bring own fabrics plus 1500 rubles per class for other                                         materials, sewing machines and model which will be  provided by teacher                                  Fee for teacher is included

Time:                         Friday 10.00-12.30/13.30-16.00 – during the summer



Matryoshka Painting Course

The Course is designed for those interested in learning the fundamentals of painting Matreoshka nested dolls
The course covers:

v      Origins, history and insights into the painting of matreoshka doll

v      Traditional stories depicted on matreoshka doll

v      Selection of proper blanks and surface preparation

v      Types of finishes and their application

v      Layout, including techniques for mapping flat images onto curved surfaces

v      Substrates and base coats

v      Paint selection and preparation

v      Painting techniques and sequence


NEAREST METRO:          Typically, we meet at one or more of the participants’ homes, as    mutually agreed.

COSTS:                         The hourly  (45-minute) rate is 800 Rubles per person. Most of my students opt for a two-hour (120-minute lessons which appears to be an optimal duration. A typical course will run 10 lessons.  The all-in price for complete set of materials is 3000 Rub.

 TIME:                            Weekdays, from 10.00 am – during the summer


 Needlework Group

The group is about getting together and making friends. We spend time talking, exchanging ideas and working on our projects or starting new ones. We do all kinds of needlework: cross stitch, tapestry, crochet, knitting etc. (All levels)

 Nearest metro:            Kropotkinskaya

Costs:                         Materials starting from 200 rubles which need to be
provided by participants.

Time:                          Monday 13.00 – 16.00 – till end of July



Each student will find a place at the atelier, and can start straight away. No need for preparation, just get your fingers in it and watch a wonderful art-work take shape. Usually, the first piece you will take on is to copy an antique torso or Aphrodite’s head, to get used to making shape and understanding volume and symmetry.

All tools and equipment are provided at the atelier, including glaze and plasticine, to create models, which are then turned into terracotta (raw or glazed), plaster or bronze pieces.

You will learn about and use the century-old techniques developed by the grand masters, and be guided by Vadim to either copy a known artwork and find your inner artist and get creative.

You can be certain to enjoy as much the process as the results! Most students learn from each over too, and Vadim has a library of art books to get you inspired.

It is best to remove jewelry around your hands and fingers, not to damage them, and you may want to wear an old shirt or apron over your clothes, as it is so tempting to wipe your hands on it.

NEAREST METRO:          Kakhovskaya, linked to Kashirskaya on green line 2
and to Sevastopolskaya on grey  line 9. From either
green or grey lines, cross the platform to get on the
train to  Kakhovskaya (no need to go through
corridors or stairs). Then exit by the stairs, go
through the shopping mall, and turn right.
Full address: Varsaw Shosse 75, building 2

COSTS:                       All equipment and materials are provided by Teacher
and available at the atelier.
Extra costs to be considered:
·    bronze: 2000 rub/kg
·    polishing from professional polisher working
on site
·    plaster cast from professional plaster cast
master working on site
·    kiln and glaze, available on site, for
Terracotta sculptures.

                                     Fee for Teacher: RUR 1000 per 3-hour lesson
Prepayment required: NO
Classes, material and extras are paid once work is

TIME:                             Mon. - Thu. 10.00-13.00 – during the summer




Workshop Craft Group - New group!

You’ll learn basic techniques to create great variety of wonderful handmade things that will beautify your life. It is an intellectual and physical activity where you explore the infinite possibilities of materials and processes to produce unique objects. Don’t be afraid that you have never done anything similar before. Talent is helpful but not the most important factor. It’s passion and idea that count the most!

Nearest metro:               Various (if someone would like to host the group and arrange this

                                       workshop at home)

Costs:                             From 600 to 1500 RUB per person.  All materials and supplies are

                                      included in price.   

Time:                              Tue. 11.00-12.30 – during the summer

Body, mind & soul

Bones for Life

Reinforce your skeleton through intelligent movement. Make simple movements that coordinate the whole body in a harmonious way. By moving your body in gentle ways (at your own pace), you can improve: balance and recovering equilibrium, getting up and down stairs, jumping, running, pushing, falling without injury, sense of self, becoming brighter, more confident and having more energy. 

Nearest metro:          RECHNOY VOKZAL, str. Belomorskaya  3k1,12th floor, app. 79

Costs:                        Free of charge

Time:                        Mon. 14.00-16.00 or Tue. 10.00-12.00 – during the summer

Gnosis: wisdom lectures

Gnosis means “Wisdom, Knowledge”.
Join our lectures where you will find the past, present and future of the Universe and yourself as part of it.
The Bases of Gnosis are: Science, Art, Philosophy and Religion. The difference between people is their level of wisdom, which is not related with University degrees, but with their consciousness.
There is a Proverb that says “The more you know, the more you can control”.  

*****Para cambiar es necesario saber, para saber hay que aprender y para aprender hay que hacer grandes sacrificios. Samael Aun Weor. 

To change you need to know, to know you have to learn and to learn it is necessary to make great sacrifices. Samael Aun Weor.

 NEAREST METRO:        RECHNOY VOKZAL, str. Belomorskaya 3k1,12th floor, app. 79
COSTS:                       Free of charge
TIME:                         Tuesday 10.00-12.00
– during the summer

Sahaja Yoga / Meditation Group 1

SAHAJA YOGA MEDITATION is a simple method of self-realisation discovered by SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI.  It is very simple and can be practiced very easily in our day-to-day life.

  Some of the benefits of Sahaja yoga meditation

*  Very easy and can be done by anyone along with his professional and family life.

*  People from all walks of life can derive benefits, irrespective of their religion, caste or creed.

*  HEALTH improves.

*  Natural cure from various addictions.

*  Improvement and harmony in family and social relations.

*  Progress in studies due to improvement in memory.

*  We become courageous and confident.

*  Peace, contentment and joy are the hallmarks of Sahaja Yoga.

  *  It is an entirely scientific technique with no scope for blind faith.

NEAREST METRO:        Street: Mosfilmovskaya No 70, korpus 2, app. 393

Directions to come:   If traveling by metro: From Kievskaya metro take bus no 17 or 34 to the stop called Lomonosovsky prospect; as you get down at this stop you will see tall buildings blue and white in colour and that is your destination.
If coming from metro Universitet take bus no 130 to the stop called Mosfilmovskaya you will see these tall buildings and you have to cross the road on the opposite side where there is a Café and car wash (the exit is near to this Café).

 COSTS:                       Classes are free of cost

TIME:                          Thu.  11:00-12.30pm – till August

Sahaja Yoga / Meditation Group 2

Sahaja yoga meditation is a spontaneous and effortless technique by which a person is completely relaxed and free from all depression, anger, anxiety and aggression. It is practiced by people from all over the world irrespective of cast, creed, sex or religion. It was founded in 1970  by her holiness Shri Mataji NIRMALA Devi who was born in a Christian Family and was a doctor of medicine. By practicing Sahaja yoga meditation a person becomes completely calm and peaceful from within, his/her health also improves and there is a positive change in his/her personality.

NEAREST METRO:Kievskaya or Universitet, address: st. Mosfilmofskaya No 70, korpus 2, apt. 393

COSTS:                         Classes are free of cost

TIME:                          Sunday 12:00-1.30pm – during the summer


IWC Moscow Architecture Walks    

It is our hope that you will join the IWC Architecture Walks to explore Moscow’s famous and hidden architectural wonders. The leaders are not qualified architects but enjoy looking at the buildings throughout Moscow with the following in mind:

I. when is a building a building and when is it art?

II. does it have the ability to surprise, inspire, delight or disturb you?

III. is it simply unforgettable!

A schedule is organized by the leaders and distributed amongst the groups members. With guidance from the leaders each member will choose a location, research that location and lead the group to their discovery. It’s a fantastic mode to find your way around Moscow within the comfort of friends and new acquaintances. We have some new and exciting sights for this season and we look forward to walking with you!

The leaders will email an invitation a few days prior to the walk.

NEAREST METRO:         Nearest metro for that tour      

COSTS:                        walks are free unless specified by the leaders; research material is provided by the

TIME:                        Friday 10.00-12.00 (The leaders will email an invitation a few days prior to the walk)



Ceilidh Dance Club

For many people all over the world Scottish Ceilidh Dancing is simply the best way to make new friends, keep fit, and have a great time while doing all this! It is thoroughly enjoyed by people of all ages, various dance experience and different cultural background. There is no need to have Scottish ancestry to be moved (literally) by fun and energetic melodies played on fiddles, accordions, keyboards, or bagpipes. Prior dance experience or being incredibly fit is not required here. Just come along, have a quick look, and feel free to join in!
Each Ceilidh dance event seems to be a perfect occasion to have a cup of tea or coffee, meet new people, make good friends, and enjoy yourself while listening to the music and, actually, dancing! All dance moves and figures will be explained to everyone by one of Moscow’s top Scottish dance teachers, Sergey Alferov, fellow of the UKA (United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing) and author of the UKA Scottish Step Dance Syllabus. Ceilidh dancing in Moscow is a chance to get a unique and truly international experience that is not to be missed!

NEAREST METRO:          Tsvetnoy Boulevard (at 2 Bolshoy Karetniy Pereulok)

COSTS:                        500 Rubles per session or a discounted price of 1500 Rubles per month

                                   Outfit: casual, soft shoes with no heels or ballet shoes required.

TIME:                          Meets every Wednesday from 2/2.30pm – during the summer



Russian Conversation: advanced

The class is mostly orientated on conversation based on the topics of everyday life but writing and grammatica will also be trained.

Nearest metro:              Various

Costs:                             Fee for teacher is 300 Rubles per class of 120 min.

Time:                             Tuesday 10.30 – 12.30 – till end of June



Russian Conversation – Discussion:  beginners

The class is orientated on conversation based on the topics of everyday life and to help students to be operational in most situations of everyday life. It is aimed to help them to feel more comfortable and confident while living in Moscow. During the class we do a lot of short dialogues, play games and make short stories. It is both pleasant and practical.

Nearest metro:             Arbatskaya

Costs:                           no costs for materials which will be provided by teacher. Fee for teacher is 450 Rubles per class. Pre-payment required.

Time:                           Mon./Thu. 10.30 – 12.00 – till end of July



Russian Conversation – Discussion:  intermediate and advanced

During this class, 10 topics will be discussed which includes social, political and cultural areas. It is done in the form of discussion based on the plan prepared by the teacher. The class is accompanied by the list of words translated into English and French. At the beginning of the course the participants are welcome to propose topics to discuss.

Nearest metro:             Arbatskaya

Costs:                           no costs for materials which will be provided by teacher. Fee for teacher is 450 rubles per class. Pre-payment required.

Time:                           Thu. 12.00 – 13.30 – till end of July


Spanish Conversation: intermediate/advanced

Spanish (Español), also called Castilian (castellano), is a Romance language that originated in Castile, a region in Spain. Approximately 406 million people speak Spanish as a native language, making it second only to Mandarin in terms of its number of native speakers. It also has 60 million speakers as a second language, and 20 million students as a foreign language. Acompañanos y disfrutarás de la prática del Español con nuevo vocabulario y en un excelente ambiente, me llamo Zyomara Briseida, soy mexicana y profesora calificada. 

NEAREST METRO:              Sokol

COSTS:                             450 rubles for materials

TIME:                               Mon.10.00-11.30 – during the summer


Outdoor sport

Nordic Walking 

Walking using poles in local Moscow parks. This is how XC skiers keep in shape in the summer. There is no limit on numbers.

NEAREST METRO:          Changes per park.

Costs:                           Participants need to provide own Nordic Walking Sticks. Fee for

                                      teacher is 450 rubles per class.

 Time:                          Tue. and Thu. 10.00 – 12.00 – till end of July





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Welcome to the IWC Moscow

Welcome to the IWC Moscow