Summer 2017 Interest Groups List

This is the  list of Summer 2017  interest groups. If you are interested in joining any of these groups, or for more information on who to contact for the classes, please contact  the Interest Group Team at Click here to look at the full list of Regular Interest Groups.

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Art & Craft


Body, Mind & Soul

Family & Children

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Outdoor sport


Art & Craft

Matryoshka Painting Course

The Course design for those interested in learning the fundamentals of painting Matreoshka nested dolls.

The course covers:

  • Origins, history and insights into the painting of matreoshka doll
  • Traditional stories depicted on matreoshka doll
  • Selection of proper blanks and surface preparation
  • Types of finishes and their application
  • Layout, including techniques for mapping flat images onto curved surfaces
  • Substrates and base coats
  • Paint selection and preparation
  • Painting techniques and sequence

NEAREST METRO: Typically, we meet at one or more of the participants’ homes, as mutually agreed.

COSTS: The hourly  (45-minute) rate is 800 Rub.  per person. Most of my students opt for a two-hour (120-minute) lesson, which appears to be an optimal duration. A typical course will run 10 lessons. The all-in price for complete set of materials is 3000 Rub.

TIME: Weekdays from 10.00

Needlework Group

The group is about getting together and making friends. We spend time talking, exchanging ideas and working on our projects or starting new ones. We do all kinds of needlework: cross stitch, tapestry, crochet, knitting etc. (All levels)

Nearest metro: Kropotkinskaya

Costs: Materials starting from 200 rubles which need to be provided by participants.

Time: Monday 13.00 – 16.00



Each student will find a place at the atelier, and can start straight away. No need for preparation, just get your fingers in it and watch a wonderful art-work take shape. Usually, the first piece you will take on is to copy an antique torso or Aphrodite’s head, to get used to making shape and understanding volume and symmetry.

All tools and equipment are provided at the atelier, including glaze and plasticine, to create models, which are then turned into terracotta (raw or glazed), plaster or bronze pieces.

You will learn about and use the century-old techniques developed by the grand masters, and be guided by Vadim to either copy a known art-work and find your inner artist and get creative.

You can be certain to enjoy as much the process as the results! Most students learn from each over too, and Vadim has a library of art books to get you inspired.

It is best to remove jewelry around your hands and fingers, not to damage them, and you may want to wear an old shirt or apron over your clothes, as it is so tempting to wipe your hands on it.

NEAREST METRO            Warsaw (варшавская).  Full address: Warsaw Shosse (Варшавское ш) 75,  building 2

COSTS:                              All equipment and materials are provided by Teacher and available at the atelier.         

                                         Extra costs to be considered:

  • bronze: 2600rub/kg
  • polishing from professional polisher working on site.
  • plaster cast from professional plaster cast master working on site
  • kiln and glaze, available on site, for terracotta sculptures.

Fee for Teacher: RUR 1500 per 3-hour lesson

No Prepayment required.  Classes, material and extras are paid once work is completed.

TIME:              Mon., Tue., Wed. & Thu. 10.00-13.00


Life Model drawing – Open Sessions!

This is an untaught open life drawing session for those who which to keep up their drawing skills and work from the figure (nowhere else in Moscow offers this type of class). Every Monday a nude model will pose and you have the opportunity to use the equipment and facilities of a proper working studio, Petrovka art studio Moscow.

NEAREST METRO:      Trubnaya, Pushkinskaya, Mayakovskaya

COSTS:                         model and equipment use ONLY 600 RUB (plus refreshments). Drop in and no monthly commitment.

TIME:                          Monday 14.00-16.30


Family and Children

International Playgroup for toddlers (0 to 3 years)

Every week, mothers, babies and toddlers meet at one of the member’s homes to play, have coffee or tea, and chat. All members take turns hosting get-togethers. Depending on the weather, we may also meet at a playground or plan half-day trips.


COSTS: None unless costs for trips

TIME: Tuesday 10:00-12:00  Friday 10:00-12:00


Body, mind & soul

Bones for Life

Bones for life is an international program based on intelligent and safe movements. This interesting group gives you the opportunity to know your body and re-learn the most simple habits such as standing up from bed, walking, seating, carrying things and how to avoid to hurt yourself in case of falling down.

This system helped me to discover and correct my mistaken habits that at the end of the day made me feel tired or stressful.



  • Develop harmonious coordination
  • Empower lively & dynamic gait
  • Train in bone building walking in rhythm
  • Reach Quality of natural fitness at any age
  • Restore resourcefulness of equilibrium & stability
  • Align posture in the body language of self confidence


NEAREST METRO: Belorusskaya

COSTS: 500 rub

TIME: Friday,Tuesday from 12:00 – 13:30


Gnosis: The ancient wisdom

Gnosis – the knowledge of the essence of all things that has always existed, passing from century to century, from epoch to epoch, from one race to another.

In these lectures you will find the transcendental knowledge that allows human being to develop harmoniously in all levels. It is a natural functionalism of our conscience and intelligence. It is the key to unlock the secrets of all civilizations.

Gnostic Science studies the following topics: Philosophy; Science; Real Art;  Anthropology; Sound Science; Laws of the universe; Future and Past events in our planet according to mayans and egyptians papyrus and codecs…

Practices: Awakening Consciousness, Meditation, Chakras, Philosophy of the moment, Lucid Dreaming Exercises, Perfect marriage, How to learn to love, Pranayama…

NEAREST METRO: Belorusskaya

TIME: Tuesday from 10.00-12.00

COSTS: 500 Rubles


Sahaja Yoga / Meditation

Sahaja yoga meditation is a spontaneous and effortless technique by which a person is completely relaxed and free from all depression, anger, anxiety and aggression. It is practiced by people from all over the world irrespective of cast, creed, sex or religion. It was founded in 1970  by her holiness Shri Mataji NIRMALA Devi who was born in a Christian Family and was a doctor of medicine. By practicing Sahaja yoga meditation a person becomes completely calm and peaceful from within, his/her health also improves and there is a positive change in his/her personality.

NEAREST METRO: Pushkinskaya, Nastyasinski perulok 8/1

COSTS: classes are free of cost

TIME: Friday – 11.00 – 12.30, Sunday 12.00-13.30


Sahaja Yoga


Cooking, Wining & Dining








Latin Dances Group 

Latin Dances Group is for those who want to learn passionate Latin dances such as salsa, bachata, tango, merengue, kizomba, semba, reggaeton, zouk and some others. Our group is designed to allow students to begin anytime. Whether you are a beginner or you have been into dancing for years, we have something for you. And come as often as your schedule allows, we have classes almost everyday in different places. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to dance and to communicate with native representatives of the Latino culture.

NEAREST METRO: Only Location  – Kievskaya (Plyushchikha Street, 43/47)

COSTS:                    400 RUB/class

TIME:                      New working time:  Wednesday 7pm –  bachata; 8 pm classic salsa

                               Only on Wednesdays




Russian Conversation – Discussion -  Until 1st August 2017

  1. BeginnersThe class is orientated on conversation based on the topics of everyday life and to help students to be operational in most situations of everyday life. It is aimed to help them to feel more comfortable and confident while living in Moscow. During the class we do a lot of short dialogues, play games and make short stories. It is both pleasant and practical.NEAREST METRO: ArbatskayaCOSTS: no costs for materials which will be provided by teacher.Fee for teacher is 600 rubles per class. Prepayment required.TIME: Monday/Thursday 10.30-12.00


  • Intermediate and AdvancedDuring this class 10 topics will be discussed which includes social, political and cultural areas. It is done in the form of discussion based on the plan prepared by the teacher. The class is accompanied by the list of words translated into English and French. At the beginning of the course the participants are welcome to propose topics to discuss.NEAREST METRO: ArbatskayaCOSTS: no costs for materials which will be provided by teacher.Fee for teacher is 600 rubles per class. Prepayment required.TIME: Thursday 12.00 – 13.30




  1. Elementary

Classes for participants with elementary knowledge of Russian language including reading and writing. Focus will be on practical grammar and acquiring conversation skills.

 NEAREST METRO: Biblioteka imeni Lenina

COSTS: 300 rubles for materials (one book per year, provided by the students)

               Fee for teacher is 2300 rubles per class to be divided between the group.

TIME: Friday 9.00 – 11.30


  1. Intermediate


Improve your Russian with small talk and daily life conversations. We use two books for this course: Poexali 1.2 (orange) and “Usueful Grammar” (blue).

  NEAREST METRO: Park Pobedy

COSTS: 300 rubles for materials (one book per year, provided by the students)

             Fee for teacher to be announced.

TIME: Monday 10.00-12.00


Spanish Conversation: Basic/intermediate

Do you like Spanish? Would you like to improve your level? Are you a beginner?

Come to our classes where you will find an interesting way to learn Spanish developing all your language skills.

Advanced: Mondays from 10:30 to 12:00.

Beginners: Mondays from 13:00 to 14:30

NEAREST METRO: Belorusskaya

COSTS: 500 rub




Outdoor sport



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