Regular interest groups: evening and weekend

These are the interest groups which take place during the evening or at the weekend. We are always looking to create more classes, so if you wish to apply your skills and organise a class yourself,  please let us know. Contact For full list visit


 Ikon Painting

Iconography School: join the sacrament of writing an icon. We are looking forward to greeting you on our course. Our classes consist of the theory and practice of writing the ancient Russian-Byzantine icon of the XV-XVI centuries. The knowledge will help you create icons of your own. See their worldly, extraordinary mystery lives and not releasing from themselves. Having experienced the ancient art, many remain in it forever. As a result of the study, you will understand the techniques of the old masters, and be able to write one icon of your own during the course. You will revel in new skills and wonder at your own ability at having written a favourite icon with your own hands. No artistic experience is required of the beginning student.


NEAREST METRO:             Oktyabrskoe Pole
COSTS:                            2000rb for the wooden board (standard size 30×40), 100rb/sheet gold leaf (23kt) which is provided by the teacher.  Fee for teacher is 800rb/45min lesson, or 2000 rb for 5hr lesson.

TIME:                              Monday to Sunday, various times

Decoupage New Group!!

These lessons are for everyone who wants to make something special and personal from an ordinary item. The lessons will be provided by designer from Saint-Petersburg who has big experience in all kind of decoration techniques and is willing to share her experiences with you. You will learn decoupage and other decoration techniques. You will choose a design of your own item and at the end of the lesson you will have a handmade product. We can agree on a date and time of a lesson with minimum 3 attendees. Course is for everybody from age of 14. Please come with good mood and we promise you a good company :-)

Nearest Metro:  Kitay Gorod

Cost:             Varies but average price is 2500 RUB (depends on item decorated) for  class which usually lasts aprox. 4 hours; all materials included
Day & time:   Sunday, 10.00-14.00, or during weekdays at a place of one of attendees agreed prior to a lesson.

International Group For Kids  (7-11 years old)

On monthly basis mothers and their kids together will visit different places in the city where kids can do interesting activities like master-classes of   creating things, cooking, drawing, outdoor activities in the parks, and etc. Date and time for coming events will be sent out by e-mail in advance. 

Nearest metro:          Various, depends on the activity    

Costs:                       No fee for the leader, costs depends on the activity and it will be divided between the group. 

Date and time:          On monthly basis (Saturday)

Sahaja Yoga / Meditation Group 2

Sahaja yoga meditation is a spontaneous and effortless technique by which a person is completely relaxed and free from all depression, anger, anxiety and aggression. It is practiced by people from all over the world irrespective of cast, creed, sex or religion. It was founded in 1970 by her holiness Shri Mataji NIRMALA Devi who was born in a Christian Family and was a doctor of medicine. By practicing Sahaja yoga meditation a person becomes completely calm and peaceful from within, his/her health also improves and there is a positive change in his/her personality.

NEAREST METRO:           Pushkinskaya

COSTS:                          Classes are free of cost

TIME:                            Sunday, 12.00-13.30 

Intercultural Professional Ladies’ Dinners –  
New Group!!

Sharing nice and every time different nationality’s food and exchanging our experiences in a daily interaction with people from different cultures, in our professional or private lives. Topic (like culture shock, diversity, management theories, leadership, change) for discussions and location will be announced one month in advance.

TIME:                    Wednesday evening once a month

NEAREST METRO:  Various. We will meet in different restaurants in the center of the town

COSTS:                 Your share for dinner and drinks

Food & Wine lovers

Russian evenings can be very long, especially in winter.Why staying home waiting for the cold to pass? If you want to spend them in a special way come join us! We will bring you to some of the most interesting and exclusive locations in Moscow to taste delicious food and wine from all over the world. You will also have the opportunity to learn about different varieties of wines from different countries and maybe even meet the winemakers. Your mood is good? Come and share it with us! It is bad? Come and let us make you feel better! You don’t need anything except for your love of good food and wines. Bring your spouses, they will be more than welcome!

Nearest metro:         Various
Costs:                      Various
Time:                      Once evening a month

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Welcome to the IWC Moscow

Welcome to the IWC Moscow