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March 2017 : The Roaring 20’s Ball 2017 was reported in our media partner


Moscow Expat Life 


Discover Russia at for foreigners living and working in Russia


MyDestination made a short video on the Butterfly Ball 2016.



Le Courrier De Russie publishes the EDB 2016.



Netherlands Club of Moscow promotes EDB 2016


Moscow in Your Pocket  – Butterfly Ball 2016

Moscow in your pocket


Winter Bazaar 2015 was promoted in these articles too.

Nov 2015 – KavNews produced a film on IWC’s Winter Bazaar 2015 and interviewed participants and IWC President Victoria and PR chair Bhavika

Nov 2015 – The Russia Corporate World  invites Moscovites to IWC’s annual Winter Bazaar 2015

Oct 2015 – My Destination announces the International Women’s Club’s Winter Bazaar to its audiences. Thank you

Oct 2015 – KavNews invites everyone for IWC’s Winter Bazaar 2015

Oct 2015 – publishes Winter Bazaar 2015 event.

Oct announces the Winter Bazaar 2015

May 2015 -We Heart Moscow publishes Embassy Dinner & Ball  2015 on their website.

Dec 2014 –  Slobodan Kadić, a journalist and photographer from Croatia writes a beautiful report of IWC Winter Bazaar 2014 in

Dec 2014 –  The 2014 Winter Bazaar gets a very good coverage on a Kuwait TV channel,  featuring the club’s president, Afrah Alfaddaghi 

Dec 2014 – The 2014 Winter Bazaar on NTV Moscow. IWC’s president, Madam Afrah Alfaddaghi  talks about the annual event.

Nov 2014 – The current President, Afrah Mohammed Alfaddaghi speaks to the Buziness Africa Media Group, about IWC’s focused activities, key challenges and some of its achievements.

Nov 2014 –  The 2014 Winter Bazaar is this month’s featured event at

Oct/Nov 2014 – Moscow in Your Pocket announces our annual Winter Bazaar 2014

Oct  2014 – Announcement about the Winter Bazaar 2014 in My Destination

Sept 2014 – The International Women’s Club mentioned in

Sept 2014 – IWC’s Winter Bazaar  and new President’s interview  in Moscow Expat Life.

Aug 2014 
 – One of our Ex-member writes about IWC and its benefits as an expat in Moscow. Click here.

Mar 2014 – writes about the IWC’s 35th Embassies Dinner and Ball

01 Feb 2014 –  An article about IWC’s Winter Bazaar in the February issue of issue of Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung, a German Publication. Online the article can be read here.

02 Dec 2013 – 
Belarus’ Embassy in Russia takes part in Moscow’s Winter Bazaar.

29 Nov 2013 – Moscow Expat Life covers Charity Art Action

03 Oct 2013 – IWC General Officer speaking on Russia Today  TV 

01 Oct 2013
– The first advertisements of the IWC Winter Bazaar appear in Moscow In Your Pocket  (p48). 

02 Sep 2013
– Read the fascinating interview with Izabella Zajączkowska, President of the IWC, and Sonia Michon Floc’hay, IWC PR Chair, in Moscow Expat Life!

02 Sep 2013
IWC Interest Groups  in the spotlight in the latest issue of Moscow Expat Life!

01 Sep 2013
Mydestionation (dis)covers the IWC: Read all about it here!

01 Aug 2013
– Check out the article about the 35th anniversary of the IWC in Moscow in the Expat and Lifestyle section (p 48) of Moscow In Your Pocket! Click here.

16 Feb 2012 – Russia TodayMoscow will host a Venetian-style carnival, with the International Women’s Club throwing its 16th annual charity ball.

25 Nov 2011 –  The Moscow TImes reports IWC’s Winter Bazaar, one of the charity event.

01 November 2011
– An article about IWC from the slightly older days in Passport Magazine.

11 February 2011 – EDB coverage in Passport Magazine. 

25 Nov 2010 – The Mosocw News promotes our WInter Bazaar’s fund raising event



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Welcome to the IWC Moscow

Welcome to the IWC Moscow