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General Information about the IWC Moscow

The purpose of the IWC is to promote friendship, to further cultural activities among women of all nationalities residing in Moscow and to raise funds to be donated to charitable activities.

The International Women’s Club of Moscow is truly international! Our membership this year is made up of women and men representing  around 110 countries. This year we have over 400 members.


You can read History of the club and Facts and Figures here.



The IWC is the largest women’s club in Moscow and is open to all expatriate women and men residing in Moscow.

You can become an IWC member at any one of our meet & greets or coffee mornings. Our annual membership fee is RUR 3000 (no other currencies, credit cards or checks are accepted). The membership season runs from September through August, but you can join at any time. Guests are welcome but must pay a RUR 300 guest fee and cannot join any IWC interest groups unless they are a paid-up club member.

Membership has its rewards! Apart from meeting new friends and being part of a vibrant international community, the IWC membership offers you:



Your membership badge is important. Please bring yours to all meetings and coffee mornings. Your badge allows us to know that you are a club member, and allows other members and newcomers to learn your name and where you are from.



Meet & Greets normally take place on the 3rd Thursday of every month, except for June (end of season meeting), and July and August (summer holidays). The meetings are usually held at an Embassy, the GlavUpDK Cultural Center, or another interesting venue. Some of these meetings feature souvenir vendors or performances by singers or dancers, while others do not have any official program. Please note that some General Meetings may require online registration in advance, e.g. for security reasons when the meeting takes place in and embassy.

Informal Coffee Mornings are held twice a month (1st Saturday and 2nd Tuesday) year-round at a central location in Moscow –  Le Pain Quotidien (ul. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 2/46, p. 1: closest metro is Mayakovskaya Metro Green Https://

Reservations for these coffee mornings are not required, so if you are new in town, please join us!


Interest Groups

The IWC offers a large variety of interest groups and classes, most of which run from September until June. A limited number of interest groups are available in summer months (June, July, and August). Locations for interest group meetings vary: some (e.g., architecture and museums) meet at different locations each time; others take place at club members’ homes or at art studios. Please note that only paid club members that are in the possession of a current membership badge may sign up for and attend interest groups meetings.



Several times a year the IWC publishes a newsletter that is available to all club members. The newsletter contains details on upcoming events, information on the charities group’s activities, a full list of all interest groups, as well as a lot of other information that is of interest to club members. The newsletter is available by e-mail. You can also pick up a printed copy at our General Meetings or Newcomers’ Coffees. You can also access the newsletters from the previous and current season on our website. For privacy purposes, the online versions do not contain any contact details for committee members, interest group leaders, etc.


Charities & Volunteering

The IWC has a large charities group whose purpose it is to support and raise funds for Moscow’s underprivileged. Volunteers are always welcome – regardless of gender, age and nationality.


Fundraising Events

The IWC’s major fundraising events currently include the famous IWC Winter Bazaar (held every November) and the Embassies of the World Dinner and Ball (held in Spring).


Steering Committee


The IWC is managed by a dedicated steering committee. If you have an interest in assisting the club in such areas as fundraising, accounting, charities, communications or helping new members, please send an e-mail to or speak to our committee members at one of our meetings. A list of current vacancies is available here.


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Welcome to the IWC Moscow

Welcome to the IWC Moscow