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The Embassies of the World Dinner and Ball is a unique fundraising event, which consists of two parts. First, guests are invited to have dinner in one of the embassies or ambassadors’ residences in Moscow. Each Ambassador usually hosts 8 to 20 people. Afterwards, everybody gathers at a central location in the city for an unforgettable evening of dance, music and live entertainment. This year 2014, Hotel Metropol welcomed all guests in its beautiful Art Deco ballroom.                             Photos and Sponsors for 2014 are here.

Embassies of the World Dinner and Ball 2013

         Our 17th Embassies of the World Dinner and Ball was a huge success! Comments and compliments were
given by many of our attendees indicating that a wonderful time  was  had by all. Many patrons expressed
that they are already looking forward to next year!

Our guests began their evening enjoying gracious dinners hosted by the Ambassadors of Columbia, the Czech Republic, the European Union, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, and Uruguay.   Friendships were made, stories were told, and amazing cuisine was served and savored by all. The Embassy evenings were simply lovely. Guests arriving at the Ball spoke of their elegant hosts, beautiful embassies, incredible dinners and the fascinating people they had the opportunity to meet. The details of the dinners were a great part of the conversations that buzzed throughout the evening at the Ball.

       Hosted by the European Union



Our arriving guests were welcomed by IWC members at the entrance table and entered in the raffle. Although each ticket stub was an automatic entry into the raffle, many patrons bought multiple extra tickets as the donated prizes were truly spectacular!

 welcome table

                      bike There was a marvelous BMW bicycle, incredible French perfumes, room nights from the InterContinental, artwork, champagnes, spirits, and many other wonderful items graciously donated by our sponsors. It was a remarkable bounty of prizes. The evening raffle was very exciting indeed! Our Charities team was overwhelmed and thrilled by the support that we received from our sponsors and guests.


Upon entering the reception area for the cocktail hour, our guests sampled the extensive hors d’oeuvre buffet and the wide selection of international wines, liqueurs, spirits, beer, and, of course, non-alcoholic beverages, as the Kreda Band softly played.        

 sekt           wines

 We were honored to have such generous beverage sponsors this year. The offerings were diverse and delicious and the displays were beautiful.

The Hotel InterContinental must be commended for their
incredible handling of our evening. The wonderful array of nibbles and noshes provided by the hotel were not only beautiful but truly delicious. The hors d’oeuvre selection was bountiful and highlighted our French themed evening.In addition, the management and staff were amazing in their carrying out of thetheme from the beret wearing waiters to the beautiful French ribbons and otherdecorative touches that they produced. The InterContinental was a marveloushost for our gala evening.
hors doeuvres

Throughout the evening, the Lexicon Band and Orchestra kept the energy high in the Grand Ballroom. Guests danced and enjoyed the extensive repertoire performed by this fun and talented band. In addition, our two highlighted performers, Tango Singer Ms. Tatiana Izotova and Mezzo-Soprano Ms. Natalya Vasilyeva, gave a special sparkle to our evening. Following the performances was the amazing raffle draw. We had phenomenal support from our sponsors which resulted in many guest winning wonderful prizes.  

At the end of the evening, as our guests departed, they were given a final keepsake photograph by our professional photographer, Ms. Natalia Inka, and a “Goodie Bag” filled with chocolates, periodicals, and other items from our incredible sponsors  to remember their “Evening in Paris” with the IWC.


We would like to again thank everyone involved who made the evening a success. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our amazing volunteers. Without them, the night simply would not have been possible. 

                      Finally, we offer a huge thank you to our sponsors below for their generous support.
                                                                         Hosting Embassies
                                                                     Switzerland, Columbia, Uruguay, Hungary,
                                                            Latvia, Czech Republic, European Union, and Poland

                                                    Embassies That Donated Gifts 
or Arranged Gift Donatiions
                                                               Japan, Turkey, Denmark, Iraq, Italy, Lithuania,
                                                                       Zimbabwe, Croatia, and Indonesia

                                                           Goods and Services Sponsors
 Belkin, Blanche de Bruxelles Beer, BMW, Creed, Dior, GlavUpDK, Herbert Burda Media, Hotel InterContinental Moscow, Hudson Bar and Grill, Lalique, Le Courrier de Russie,Lindt Chocolate, Medincenter, Moscow in Your Pocket, Move One, Natalia Inkina Photography, Nomisgroup, Olga Petrovna’s School of Modeling,Timmermans Kriek, Veuve Cliquot, Youth Arts in Action, and Zwack Unicum




Columbia flag Czech EU flag 2 Hungary Latvia Poland
Columbia Czech Republic European Union Hungary  Latvia  Poland
switzerland-flag Uruguay flag
Switzerland  Uruguay


Aurora Creach Paredes Oil Painting Belkin Blanche de Bruxelles BMW
 Belkin logo Blanche de Bruxelles BMW


Flower By Olga Petrovka’s School of Modelling                Dior                                    Hubert Burda Media

i Dior  hbm_10.03.09_3d

Hudson Bar and GrillInterContinental, Moscow Tverskaya HotelLalique Parfums  Le Courier de Russie

Hudson BarInterconti hotelLogo Lalique Parfums 300dpi Logo LCDR

Lindt ChocolateMedincentreMonte Tokaj Moscow In Your Pocket

Lindt logo Monte Tokak Moscow in your pocket

Move OneNatalia Inkina PhotographyNomisgroup Timmermans Kriek

mo-blue-logo natalia_logoNomisgroup logo Timmermans Kriek

TörleyVeuve ClicquotYouth Arts in Action Zwack Unicum of Budapest, Hungary

TorleyVeuve ClicquotYAA logo with text under - large

We are grateful to everyone who is helping to make this year’s Embassies Dinner and Ball event a success, and would like to particularly thank the embassies of Croatia, Denmark, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Turkey and Zimbabwe for their generous donations of wine and gifts for our raffle, or for arranging for other gifts.
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Welcome to the IWC Moscow

Welcome to the IWC Moscow