2014 May 22nd General Meeting

2014 May 22nd  General Meeting – Annual IWC ladies exhibition 

Finally, spring is in full swing and we hope that you are enjoying this nice weather! May is coming and so is our next General Meeting.  At this time, the venue is still a surprise, but we are now calling all of our members who paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, knit, scrap, decoupage, make icons and matryoshkas, do intuitive  painting, batik, or any other visual art or craft to register for our annual IWC ladies exhibition.

This year’s exhibition features an innovation: you may offer your works for sale, on the condition that you donate 10% or more to IWC Charities.  

Here are the details:    

  • The exhibition will take place on the 22nd of May, from 10.00 till 12.00. The venue will be announced in the near future.
  • You will be able to bring your works to the venue either the day before or a bit later on the day of the exhibition. All unsold works must be taken home with you after the exhibition.
  • Participants will be asked to supply a short text about you and your works that will introduce you to our guests at the event.

We look forward to seeing the fruits of your creative and artistic labors!

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Welcome to the IWC Moscow

Welcome to the IWC Moscow